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About Me


1.  My native language is Polish , but I use English much more often in my daily life. I also speak German and Russian

2. I am a crazy about travel aka Travelholic. So far I visited 60+ countries on four continents.

3. I love photography - and take photos literally every day, just on my phone camera roll alone I have 120000 pictures. 

4. I am also very passionate about interior design and decorating, actually I have a license of a professional interior decorator.

5. I love to dance, ballet, ballroom, social ... any kind of movement to the beat.

6. I am a first time dog co-owner. His name is Jett and he is a puggle. I got tricked by my son who told me that he is dog sitting a puppy for just two weeks while his friend is in Europe on vacation, but in fact he adopted that dog. 

7. Since I was a little girl I have arachnophobia, in fact I can’t stand any spiders, bugs and warms.

8. My bucket list include many exotic destinations, but my top travel dream is visiting Bora Bora and staying in one of the over the water bungalows with a glass floor which allows watching tropical fish swimming beneath.

9. I love adrenaline: I sky dived in New York, scuba dived in Hawaii, zip-lined in Costa Rica and even traveled to North Korea. 

10. I am blond by choice so don’t ever try telling me jokes about blonds. I understand them! 

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